Built-in ovens

Find out the top performers in our test of single and combi-steam built-in ovens.

Built-in oven.

We’ve put single ovens – and one combi-steam oven – through a range of everyday cooking tests and found out how easy they are to use and clean.

We've tested 42 built-in ovens.

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Single or double oven?

Single ovens

Single ovens can be fitted under a bench, but models with separate warming drawers or double ovens are too tall and have to be fitted into a wall unit. Extra-wide models letting you fit two cake tins side-by-side, but a wider oven doesn’t always mean you get a lot more usable space.

13nov wall ovens single

If you need extra oven volume, consider a 900mm wide single oven. If you do a lot of single-shelf cooking (cakes and delicate items like quiches and custard tarts) these extra-wide ovens are useful because they let you fit 2 cake tins side-by-side. But they have wider and larger trays that become very heavy when fully loaded. The trays and shelves are also awkward to clean in a standard-sized kitchen sink.

Double ovens

13nov wall ovens double

Double ovens are perfect for people who like to cook different things at the same time. They’re 2 separate ovens stacked on top of one another, each with its own door and cooking controls. You can bake in one oven and grill in the other, or bake 2 things that require different temperatures and functions.

You won’t usually save time heating a secondary oven instead of the main one. But you may save a little energy: most secondary ovens use a little less energy.

Note: The majority of the double ovens we’ve tested have been discontinued, so we don’t have test results for double ovens at this time.


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Features and functions

Features and functions

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Features and functions

What do you need from your built-in oven? We explain useful features, how to make sure you get the right amount of usable space, and what accessories to consider.

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Which cooktop?

Which cooktop?

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