Buying a "greener" vacuum cleaner

Good design and maintenance can extend the life of your vacuum.

Vacuum cleaner head cleaning up dirt on green carpet.

The Electrolux Pure D9 Hygiene PD91 Green vacuum cleaner is made from 70% recycled plastic. But does that mean it’s really a “greener” cleaner?

That plastic has been saved from becoming landfill. Electrolux claims that by using recycled plastic, each Green vac saves more than 2L of crude oil and uses 90% less energy to manufacture.

A life cycle assessment (LCA) is a scientific methodology that calculates the environmental impact of a product. Typically used by product designers and environmental organisations, an LCA shows how much energy and resources are used in manufacturing, using and disposing of a product, as well as how much pollution and carbon it creates.

Published academic LCA studies show 15% of the energy used by a corded, bagged vacuum cleaner is generated by manufacturing and disposal. So choosing a model made from recycled plastic is a good start.

However, 80% of the energy comes from using the vac. This means, to pick a true “greener” cleaner, choosing the most efficient one should be your top priority.

Is more power better?

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