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2 November 2020

How to speed up an ageing laptop

Laptop running slow? Here’s how to give your computer a new lease of life.

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John C.
07 Nov 2020
SSD - replace your hard drive

As per Anthony's comments.

Even if you get a technician to replace it (some laptop hard drives are in awkward to get at places) it's not an expensive upgrade option. And you can request that all your data/programs get transferred too.

This is the single best way to get years more life out of an aging laptop. My (originally top-of-the-line/spec) 5 year old Asus laptop was taking minutes to boot up and log in. Replaced the drive with an SSD and it's now mere seconds!! It's like having a new machine, for just a couple of hundred dollars....

David M.
07 Nov 2020

RAM = Random Access Memory
ROM = Read Only Memory

Also try Linux on an old laptop. It will likely perform better than Windows on the same hardware.

roy p.
07 Nov 2020
dual processor

I would add to this good article - before upgrading check the laptop has at least a dual processor or even quad core . For example one with a single pocessor will have dissapointing results no matter what you add.
My dual processor Toshiba is great. Every few years I reload the win7 OS.
Roy Purvis

07 Nov 2020
Replace the hard drive is the best improvement for an older Laptop.

Replacing the old HDD drive with a solid state drive (SSD) at around $100 to $200 (depending on make of SSD) for 1 terabyte, transforms an old laptop (mine is 5 years old) to performing better than when it was new. It doesn’t boot up quite as quickly as an iPad, but not far off, and so much faster than before the upgrade. Some tech expertise is necessary, but the upgrade SSD comes with instructions. Even if using a technician to do the job (about an hour) it could be cost effective.