Our quick reference guide to resources you can use to help resolve common problems encountered when building and renovating.

Architects or designers

Builders & tradespeople

Building Act or Building Code compliance:

Buying a house:


Cross lease situation

  • For information about the pros and cons of cross leasing and how to convert a cross lease title see: Land titles.

Faulty materials


  • For problems concerning your neighbour’s lack of cooperation over boundary fences, see: The Fencing Act.
  • For disputes about boundaries, easements or other matters affecting your use of your property, see:
  • For advice about boundary issues talk to your local council.
  • For help with disputes about trees, see our guide.


  • Where a subcontractor has done a substandard job, do you approach the subcontractor directly or go through the main contractor? See: Contract law.

Technical advice

  • For technical advice about construction methods and materials contact:
    • Building Research Association of New Zealand Ltd (BRANZ). If you are a home or building owner or a member of the public requiring advice, there is a public helpline which costs $1.99 per minute + GST, phone 0900 590 90, or visit their website: www.branz.co.nz.
    • For help understanding your obligations under the Building Act and Building Code, visit the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, or phone 0800 242 243.