Solving construction problems hero

Solving construction problems

Our quick reference guide to resources you can use to help resolve common problems encountered when building and renovating.

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Architects or designers

Builders & tradespeople

Building Act or Building Code compliance:

Buying a house:


Cross lease situation

  • For information about the pros and cons of cross leasing and how to convert a cross lease title see: Land titles.

Faulty materials


  • For problems concerning your neighbour’s lack of cooperation over boundary fences, see: The Fencing Act.
  • For disputes about boundaries, easements or other matters affecting your use of your property, see:
  • For advice about boundary issues talk to your local council.
  • For help with disputes about trees, see our guide.


  • Where a subcontractor has done a substandard job, do you approach the subcontractor directly or go through the main contractor? See: Contract law.

Technical advice

  • For technical advice about construction methods and materials contact:
    • Building Research Association of New Zealand Ltd (BRANZ). If you are a home or building owner or a member of the public requiring advice, there is a public helpline which costs $1.99 per minute + GST, phone 0900 590 90, or visit their website:
    • For help understanding your obligations under the Building Act and Building Code, visit the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, or phone 0800 242 243.
Building renovating

Building articles

Whether you're planning to build your own home or renovate an existing one, we've got you covered with a wide range of articles covering the whole process.

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Renovation promotion

Renovating articles

Renovating and altering houses is a favourite pastime for many New Zealanders. Our articles take a look at what's involved when you undertake a renovation project.

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Home maintenace

Home maintenance

Regular maintenance is needed to ensure your house holds its value and remains safe and comfortable to live in.

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