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6 June 2019

Travel traps

What can you do when your travel unravels?

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Diana M.
04 Sep 2019
Cruise ships and cellular phones and wifi

Would Consumer please do an article on this subject as I have heard of several people who have run up large bills on their phone accounts because they are not aware that they are running up huge charges while using their cell phones on the ship.
Some good tips on how to afford these charges would be beneficial.

Consumer staff
05 Sep 2019
Re: Cruise ships and cellular phones and wifi

Hello Diana,

Thank you for getting in touch. I have passed your feedback to our research team.

Kind regards,

Natalie - Consumer NZ staff

Sharon B.
14 Jul 2018
Travel insurance (Rental Vehicle Excess) may not cover damage to others property

Be careful, I used to use Southern X until someone altered me that they only cover loss or damage to your Rental Vehicle, not any other property which I think would include another car

Marie N.
16 Jun 2018
Valued advice

Thank you for the very clear information

Elaine V.
11 Feb 2017
After dusk policy

Remember to check the travel insurance document wording, get a copy before you collect your vehicle if you can as it is not always practical to read through the whole doc at the counter. Hertz Australia had a policy change a couple of years back, their insurance does not cover the vehicle if you hit an animal after dusk. The staff knew nothing about the policy change even though it was quite an important one that would have affected a lot of hirers travelling on Aussie roads at night time.

Dominic B.
13 Apr 2016
Airbnb ?

Would you consider surveying Members' experiences with Airbnb hosts?

Previous member
13 Apr 2016
re: Airbnb ?

Hi Dominic

Thanks for your question. We covered holiday rental websites, including Airbnb in Sept 2015: https://www.consumer.org.nz/articles/holiday-rental-websites

While we don’t intend to conduct a survey in the foreseeable future, we are following developments in peer-to-peer accommodation websites. And we’re always happy to receive case studies from our members who’ve used Airbnb or other holiday rental websites.

Kind regards

Consumer NZ staff

06 Apr 2016
No mention of travel insurance to cover baggage when traveling?

The latest issue touches on the issue of lost baggage twice, one being in the Travel Tips Q&A and the other being a case for compensation in excess of the standard cover provided by airlines. Nowhere does it remind readers that baggage cover for greater amounts is available through travel insurance. Surely at least the story regarding the folks traveling with >$15,000 worth of bags should have recommended that those traveling with baggage which exceeds the amount covered under the Montreal Convention ought to consider buying travel insurance?

Previous member
07 Apr 2016
re: No mention of travel insurance to cover baggage when traveling?

Hi Jennifer

Thanks for your comment. The tip at the bottom of the “Lost and damaged luggage” Q&A on page 12 mentions: “Your travel insurance may afford greater cover than the law. For instance, some comprehensive policies cover lost and unrecoverable luggage up to $30,000.“

Our travel insurance page has more information about the policies: https://www.consumer.org.nz/products/travel-insurance/overview

Kind regards

Consumer NZ staff