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Buying and selling

What happens if you buy a faulty product? What are your rights when dealing with a dodgy retailer? Our easy guides can help if things go wrong when you're out shopping.

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Having problems returning a faulty item?

Or maybe you've had an issue with a tradie? We explain your consumer rights so you can get what you're entitled to.

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What are your rights when buying or selling at auction?

Business sale or collapse

Your rights if a trader goes into receivership or liquidation, or a business is sold.

Computers and your rights

How does consumer law apply to computers and software?

Consumer Guarantees Act

We explain what the Act covers, your rights, and what to do if you think your rights have been breached.

Door-to-door sales: Your rights

Your rights when purchasing from a door-to-door sales rep and what you can do to stop them knocking in the first place.

Extended warranties

We explain the pitfalls of extended warranties, what existing protections you have under the law, and how to use the Consumer Guarantees Act.

FAQs about goods

Your rights when buying goods.

FAQs about services

We answer your questions about your rights with service providers.

Layby sales

Our guide to your rights for layby sales.

Mail-order sales

Tips for dealing with problems you may encounter with mail-order sales.

Moving or sending goods

We explain your rights under the Contract and Commercial Law Act.

Online auctions

What are your rights when buying things in an online auction?

Quotes and estimates

We explain the difference between a quote and an estimate, plus how to avoid problems when it comes to paying the bill.

Repairers' liens

We explain your rights around repairers’ liens.

Restaurant rights

What are your rights when the dining experience you're paying for doesn't go to plan?

Returns and refunds

Bought something and want to take it back? We explain your consumer rights.


Our guide to your rights with pesky cold-calling telemarketers.

Uninvited direct sales

Your rights if a trader approaches you uninvited.

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Your wins

One of the things we’re most proud of is when we can help our members get a fair deal. Here are some of the recent times we've helped people deal with their consumer issues.

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What should you include in a complaint letter?

We have a number of useful letter templates to help you create your own letter of complaint and stand up for your rights.

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